The National Diploma Of The Brevet (DNB)

The National Certificate Diploma evaluates the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of college. It is balanced between assessment of the base (continuous assessment) and final tests. Each discipline evaluated is the subject of a separate test, except in science (two disciplines), and an oral test for academic candidates. Since the 2017 session, the awarding of the National Diploma of the Brevet (DNB) is based on continuous assessment and three compulsory exams taken at the end of Cycle 4 (9th grade):

  • An oral test during which the student presents a project worked on as part of an interdisciplinary practical education (EPI) or an educational path, allowing in particular to evaluate the quality of the oral expression.

  • A written test in French, history-geography and moral and civic education.

  • A written test on mathematics, life and earth sciences, physics-chemistry and technology.

The success of the student of DNB attests to his mastery of the common basic knowledge, skills, and culture.

Taking this exam is not a condition to grant access to a higher class at the end of the 9th grade.


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Brochure published by the MEN, summarizing the elements relating to the examination modalities of the new BAC 2021 (tests, calendar, distribution of assessments ...)

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