Elementary School

LFMPA's elementary school provides education to nearly 170 students.

For 9 classes, from CP to CM2, the school benefits from very high quality infrastructures which allow students and teachers to work in excellent conditions.


The teaching team is composed of French Ministry of Education teachers, assigned to the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and teachers under local contract.

The primary school has ;

  • Computers in each classroom connected to the internet.
  • A Library and Documentation Center (BCD) with many books (shared with the kindergarten, the middle school and the high school).
  • Interactive whiteboards (TBI) in some classrooms.
  • A physical activity room 
  • Sports facilities (shared with the middle and high school): multiple fields, gymnasium, swimming pool.

Cycle 2 basic learning cycle

From 1st to 3rd grade: Learning to read, write and speak French (and English), knowledge and understanding of numbers, physical education, the first scientific practice, the first historical reflections, an artistic education based on the practice that favors the expression of the students and on the direct contact with works for a first introduction to the history of the arts.

Cycle 3 advanced cycle

From 4th to 5th grade: In the continuity of the first years of elementary school, mastery of the French language as well as the main elements of mathematics are the primary objectives of Cycle 3. However, all lessons contribute to the acquisition of the common base of knowledge and skills.

Self-reliance and personal initiative, conditions for academic success, are progressively implemented in all areas of activity and allow each student to gain confidence and efficiency.


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