Presentation of the School


Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school are grouped together on the same site. The campus, with many trees, covers several hectares with different buildings adapted and equipped according to the level of education of the students:


  • Kindergarten activity room
  • Computer equipment in all classrooms

  • Video projection systems

  • Modern and adaptable school furniture

  • Scientific Laboratory

The establishment also has high-level sports facilities:


  • Gymnasium

  • Swimming pool

  • Several sports fields



The EFMPA welcomes 350 students of more than 30 different nationalities. The EFMPA is approved by the French Ministry of Education. It must therefore function like any school in France :


  • Same programs

  • Same pedagogy

  • Compliance with policy decisions

  • Same diplomas



The Principal is placed under the authority of the Ambassador of France in Nigeria. The staff of the school is made up of teachers from the French National Education system and locally recruited staff with the necessary level of training and experience to meet French standards. French is the language of instruction and communication. The English language and openness to Nigerian culture are also an integral part of our teaching.