Chess Tournament

In this period of confinement and work at home, our 5th and 6th grade chess students continue to mobilise, including at weekends, and have taken part in 2 tournaments (along with their classmates from the French school in Lagos): 


- Saturday 11 April: Africa zone tournament: out of 52 participants, we finished at the top 

- Sunday 12th April: French Chess Federation tournament: out of 549 participants all over France and French schools abroad, the level was high! 

The winner got 44 points. Mamadou CM2A got 13 points, Yorgui, Cm2b got 10 and Abonde 8. 

Congratulations to all, still many students from the Central African zone have participated !!!! 

Congratulations to all, and see you soon for new challenges!!!! 

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